Content marketing and SEO campaign for fit out company Fileturn

Hotel & Leisure, Restaurant & Bar, Commercial Space

Fileturn is a fit out company based in Redhill, Surrey, which specialises in the hotel and leisure, restaurant and bar, and commercial sectors. With 20 years experience to its name, it has built up an outstanding reputation in the construction industry and features a number of very well-known brands among its clientele, including Five Guys, Hilton, Côte, Nando’s, Marriott, Metro Bank and Lloyds.

The brief

As with most construction companies, Fileturn has traditionally carried out its marketing through word of mouth and personal relationships, but the marketing team recognised a growing need to increase the company’s online presence. Balance was hired in conjunction with Knibbs design agency to create content that will improve the quality of Google listings for Fileturn as a search term and help to raise the company’s profile through a combination of PR, social media and online journalism.

Our approach

We broke the challenge down into two parts: 1. to focus on quick wins to boost Fileturn’s SEO and make sure the first three pages of Google were populated with good quality content and references to the company; 2. to plan and implement a long-term campaign of content marketing to raise awareness of the company and the stature of the jobs it is carrying out.


Part 1 is well under way, the new content being shared and quality links established back to the Fileturn website. This is having an immediate effect on SEO. Part 2 has been planned and is now being implemented, with a monthly schedule of press releases, blogs and features. Balance is responsible for planning and writing the content and building relationships with the trade media to open up new PR opportunities.

Client testimonial

“We are delighted to have Tim writing for us and helping to take our content marketing and SEO to a new level. Tim’s expertise in creating the right balance of words to make the pages engaging is assisting us to develop a concise website.“
Cath Holland, Sales and Marketing Manager, Fileturn

Fileturn website is rising up the rankings

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