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This is good. If you ever get tired of the Queen’s English, you’ll find the variety you need in this Dictionary of Kentish Dialect, which I stumbled upon when researching the word ‘zyxt‘.

Ackle, bannicking, nurity, zoster… there’s something for everyone. Here’s a taster:-

BROOM-DASHER n. One who goes about selling brooms; hence used to designate any careless, slovenly, or
dirty person. “The word dasher is also combined in haberdasher.”
GOOSEBRING. vb. Goose-berrying. To gather or to pick gooseberries.
HEAVENSHARD adv. Heavily; said of rain. “It rains heavenshard.”
KIBBERED adj. Very cold and shivery. “I’m right kivvered today, down here by the river in this hard East wind off the Medway.”
ORNARY adj. Ordinary; common; poor; inferior; bad. “Them wuts be terr’ble ornery.”
SHRUGGLE vb. To shrug the shoulders.
SQUASHLE vb. To make a splashing noise. “It was so wet, my feet squashled in my shoes.”
THRIBLE adj. Treble; threefold.
TICKLER adj. Particular. “I lay he’s not so tickler as all that.”
WACKER adj. (2) Angry; wrathful. “Muster Jarret was wacker at his bull getting into the turnip field.”

Zyxt isn’t in there, though. No-one uses silly old words like that any more.

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