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Need a writer who can understand your business, recognise your strategic goals and articulate your key messages in a way that engages your target audience? Balance offers intelligent, inspiring copywriting that takes the pressure off you and helps you to achieve your goals.

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Balance Copywriting Services

Website copywriting

Website copywriting is a complex science that combines creativity with impact, carefully planned user journeys, key messages, calls to action and SEO. Balance writes websites that meet all these criteria, as well as adding efficiency and cost saving to the design and build. See more on our website copywriting approach.

Content writing

Keeping up with today’s content requirements is a challenge for most companies, even with tools like Hubspot. A Balance content writer can take the strain and deliver impact, providing all the content you need, from thought leadership articles to video scripts, podcasts and infographics. Read more about our content writing activities.

Marketing collateral

Is your sales team clamouring for something to put in front of prospects to get them on the hook? Balance will help you plan and execute the copywriting for compelling brochures, leaflets and other marketing collateral, in print or digital, that will have your sales team kissing your feet. We can manage the design and production too.

Case study writing

Case studies are one of the most powerful of all marketing tools. What better way to show your capabilities and credentials? Balance copywriters are adept at drawing out the details of a case study and presenting them in a clear and persuasive format that you and your team can present to prospects.

Strategic copywriting

When you’re working on your business strategy, marketing strategy or any other strategic documents, Balance can work with you to make sure your objectives and big ideas are articulated in a clear, thorough and simple format that everyone involved can follow and understand.

Blogs and social media

Jacob’s ladder or Jacob’s Crackers? Whatever you think of social media and blog writing, your business can benefit from it – and Balance can make it pain free for you. Get a better share from your LinkedIn, Twitter and tools like Hubspot. Read more about our blog and social media services.

Bid and tender writing

Balance has the experience to help you put together more compelling bids and tenders. We will help you build your case for support and ensure that all the elements of the bidding process have been recognised and responded to. Finally, we will proof read the document thoroughly before submitting.

Emails and letters

Are your emails and letters getting the reader response you need? Do they present your brand in the appropriate light? With Balance copywriting your customer communications, you can expect accuracy, impact and consistency of style, with fast turnarounds when you need to get a message out in a hurry.

Script writing

With credits ranging from Weekending to the DCMS Somme Centenary tribute video, Balance has written scripts ranging from comedy to tragedy and everything in between. If you want to add video, podcasts or any other scripted presentation to your marketing mix, drop us a one-liner.

Advertising copywriting

Display ads, online ads, radio ads, advertorials… when you want to get your message across in a succinct and punchy format, give Balance a call about the copywriting. We will write the copy and work with designers and videographers to visualise your ads in a way that gets attention.

Article writing

Meaty, authoritative articles are all the rage in marketing these days. Everyone wants to be a thought leader – so how can you stand out from the noise? Get Balance to write your articles, that’s how. We’ll take your expertise and put it into words. Read more about our content writing capabilities.

Report writing

Looking for a copywriter for your reports? Balance can work with you to pull all the bits together and plan and write reports that cover everything you need to include and still make people want to read them. Imagine that! We can also manage the design and print through our associates if required.

Internal communications

From signage to handbooks to internal emails and letters, if you don’t have the in-house copywriting resources for your internal comms, Balance can be your trusted partner. Send us your requirements and we’ll deliver comms that keep your people engaged, valued and informed.

Press release writing

If you have a product or service that you think is newsworthy, Balance can help you gain those valuable column inches by writing punchy, well targeted press releases. Having worked on the journalism side of the fence, we know what makes a press release attractive and can apply those principles to yours.

Naming and branding

You don’t need Shakespeare to come up with a catchy new brand name, but you do need a creative mindset. That’s why so many brands owe their origins to copywriters. We’ve named a few ourselves. You might not have heard of them (yet) but they’re out there, making money for their guardians.

7 Good Reasons for Hiring a Copywriter

(There’s more to it than spelling and grammar, you know!)

When you engage a professional copywriter, you begin to feel the benefits long before you see anything written down. If you’re not sure what copywriters can do for you, here are seven valuable benefits you can expect from Balance copywriting services.

1. Getting the job started

How many times have you told yourself you’d write that piece of copy about your business… and never quite got round to it? A copywriter will push you through that mental barrier and get the job started. You know, that job you’ve been putting off for the last two years!

2. Picking your brains

You know your business better than anyone but when asked about it, do you remember all the services and benefits you offer and all the interesting jobs you’ve done? By asking questions, a copywriter will pull valuable information out of your head that you had completely forgotten was in there. So when it comes to presenting your selling points, you don’t leave anything out.

3. Planning the customer experience

You may be the expert on your own business but when it comes to understanding the customer experience of your business you’re probably in the worst possible position. Too close, you see. A copywriter will look at your business with an objective eye, which will help in planning the content and its structure for the best usability and relevance to customers.

4. Making it punchy

OK, so you’ve picked your own brains and written down a long list of all your selling points. In fact, it’s not so much a list as a copy of War and Peace. A copywriter will take all that valuable information and craft it into a succinct piece of copy that potential customers will want to read, rather than switching off from. They might even tell you it would work best as a video or an illustration – ideas that it’s hard to see for yourself.

5. Looking professional

I never said spelling and grammar aren’t important. The accuracy of your writing says as much about your competence and professionalism as the quality of your products and services – possibly even more, since it’s what potential customers see first. If a writer gives you bad spelling and grammar, give them the sack!

6. Being seen

Good writing gets noticed and that’s the general idea behind marketing. This can be through traditional channels like editorial in a trade magazine, or modern digital channels like web searches. You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Copywriters will enhance your SEO by researching keywords and working them effectively into your online content.

7. Saving you time and money

Compare your need for copy to a leaking pipe. The longer you ignore it, the more damage it will cause. Your communications will look out of date, irrelevant, unprofessional… all of which will cost you sales. Fix it yourself and you’ll be taking up time that could be spent more profitably on some other aspect of your business. More cost. But get a professional in and they will do the job more efficiently and more effectively, helping you to start making more money sooner. For a relatively small cost you’ll be boosting the profitability of your business for a long time to come. 


“When I was launching my connective finance business I wanted to make sure that every bit of messaging had my voice. I didn’t want generic, bland statements like everyone else. After two conversations with Tim, he nailed it. When I read what he’d written I could just hear myself saying it and I’m really happy to put this material in front of prospective clients now.”

Scott WIllis, Founder/Director, Ferrock

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