Brand Definition

Putting your brand into words that you can share

Whether you’re launching a new brand or trying to reinvigorate an existing one, Balance can help. There is a lot of writing involved in building a brand, from the brand name itself to brand values, vision and mission, value proposition, brand guidelines and key messages.

We don’t just write these things, we think them through, providing that all-important objectivity to help you see things through your customers’ eyes. We are experienced in creating new brands and reviving old ones across a variety of sectors, including construction, food and drink, sport, technology and industry.

Once we have helped you put a plan in place, we work with experienced brand designers to bring your brand to life. By approaching branding in this way, we make the process much more efficient and cost-effective.

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“Really I cannot say how helpful this all is. We’ve been churning over the same words for so long trying to get our wording right for Together We Learn but so easily get caught up in little detail – what you’ve written crystallises our message in a straightforward way and the whole team is really happy with it.”

Caroline Walker, Chief Executive, Together We Learn

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