Crisis communications

Need to get a message out in a hurry? Or use this time to rethink your content strategy? We’re here to help.

Balance Media

If you’re looking for copywriting, content writing, book writing, speechwriting, script writing, or anything else, in fact, that involves writing, you’ve come to the right* place. If you’re looking for magazines about not falling over, sorry, but perhaps you’ll enjoy your visit to this site and decide that our services are better than what you were looking for anyway.

*Rule 1. Avoid obvious puns.


What do Diageo, Dairy UK, BBC Worldwide, the DCMS and London 2012 have in common? Answer: We’ve written copy for all of them. Not to be confused with copyrighting, which is the legal business of stopping other people nicking* your ideas, copywriting is the art of showing that you’ve had an idea in the first place. It is writing for impact.

*Rule 2. Plain English is more punchy.

Content writing

Content is the added value you give your customers in the form of thought leadership articles, explainer blogs, news items, case studies etc. It shows that you know your stuff and helps them to know theirs. If you laid all the content Balance has produced end to end, it would stretch from Redhill to Reykjavik*, via the M25.

*Rule 3. Always make sure you can substantiate your ‘facts’.

Book writing

If you’re a publisher looking for an author or packager with experience in sports books, humour books, self-help books, nostalgia books or other books that give us the excuse to repeat the word ‘books’, hit the red button for the Balance portfolio. If you’re an individual or business with a book idea but no idea how to make it happen, call us*.

*Rule 4. Make it easy for the reader.

Speech writing

A good speech stays in the memory forever. So does a bad one*. Balance can help you stay on the right side of history by crafting a speech that is sincere, captivating and authentically you. We can coach you through the delivery too.

*Rule 5. Never leave a speech to chance.

Script writing

We don’t write Hollywood blockbusters but we do write pithy scripts for short videos, such as explainer videos, instructional videos and promo videos for social media.

*Rule 6. Three minutes is a long time in promo flicks.

Content planning

Planning* is the key to effective content. Whether it’s your website, a marketing campaign, a book or your entire content strategy, thinking it through in advance leads to more coherent ideas and greater efficiency, which in turn saves cost and time and yields much better results. We plan content every day, from blogs to books, and can help you get your content planning down.

*Rule 7. The pen is more creative than the keyboard.

Word of the Week

Sassier than Susie Dent, quirkier than QI, more devilish than Dan Snow, Word of the Week is a gallant foray into the labyrinthine passages of the English language. On the face of it, it’s a weekly column about words, but read beyond the first word and you’ll discover a thrilling assemblage of etymology, trivia, nostalgia, anecdote and historical stuff. Featuring words like Random, Derrick, Pants, Trump and So, Word of the Week is unlike any other study of the English language ever published. In a good way.


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