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Approach public speaking with Churchillian confidence

Public speaking, whether for business or social occasions, is a major opportunity to make a big impact on a captive audience – and that’s why it’s so terrifying. Balance can help you approach public speaking engagements with confidence, positivity and class.

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Have your speech professionally written to your brief by a writer with extensive speech writing and public speaking experience. We can also help you with your delivery, working on your pace, intonation and body language to make sure your performance is polished and persuasive.

What makes a great speech?

The keys to success are a well crafted script and practice. Don’t think you can wing it. The worst public speakers are those who stand up full of confidence in their natural wit and off-the-cuff repartee… and proceed to bore the audience senseless with rambling, unrehearsed anecdotes.

Being funny at the bar is very different to getting a laugh from the lectern. And anyway, it’s not all about humour, is it, doctor? The most important thing is to get your message across. For the Best Man, the most powerful message you can convey is that the Groom is a great bloke and his marriage is cause for celebration – not that the Groom once committed a lewd act with a horse and hates his mother-in-law.

Approach your speech with confidence

We’ll make sure you get your messages right, working with you to craft your words into flowing, impactful passages that put your audience at ease and hold their attention.

The goal is to approach your speech feeling fully prepared and confident. Let us help you get to that point and the rest will follow.


“We’ve been working with Balance for many years now and really value the expertise and efficiency that they bring to our web projects.
“We find that jobs can stall when it comes to supplying ‘real’ content. With Balance involved the transition between the ‘visual’ and ‘real’ stages of projects is seamless. Balance facilitates content creation, knowing the questions to ask and presenting our clients’ information objectively and with relevance to their audience.
“Our clients have often expressed their appreciation of Balance’s involvement too – copywriting is no longer a sticking point, they are confident that their message will be crafted into a succinct piece of copy, relevant to their brand voice and audience.”

Simon Knibbs, Owner, Knibbs branding and web design

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