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A media interview, whether for TV, radio, press, podcast or some other platform yet to be invented, is a hugely valuable opportunity to promote your business. Balance Media Training is designed to give spokespeople the confidence and skills to take full advantage of this opportunity.

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Our approach is not just to focus on handling the pressure of media interviews and answering journalists’ questions, but to understand your own agenda and how you can use the media platform to communicate your key messages.

Delegates learn how to prepare for all types of interview, with specific emphasis on the media they are most likely to encounter. They then practise their techniques in realistic role-plays, which are recorded on video for later analysis. Follow-ups include individual analysis and tips from the role-plays, ready reminders of the key techniques, impromptu calls to replicate a real-life interview situation and further training to prepare for specific media engagements.

Your trainer

Tim Glynne-Jones is a former BBC journalist who has extensive experience of press, radio and TV interviews from both sides of the mic. As a writer and editor of popular consumer magazines, he has interviewed and been interviewed on a regular basis. He was also media spokesperson for the groundbreaking crowdfunding project, for which he fulfilled media requests from around the world, including BBC News, ITV News, Sky News, TalkSport and the Today programme. His guiding principle for all media interviews is: “Be sympathetic to the journalist’s agenda but make sure you fulfil your own.”


“Thanks very much for the training you gave me. I fronted up for five media interviews on Wednesday and I was really pleased that I was able to get my message across and handle some pretty tough questioning. The techniques you gave me really helped and have given me the confidence to do more of this stuff in future.”


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