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Word of the Week: Overshare

Woman with loud hailer

Do you talk to yourself? Apparently it’s perfectly normal and can serve a number of purposes. It helps us to organise our thoughts, motivate ourselves, process negative emotions and overcome loneliness.

But do you ever talk to yourself in funny voices and make up strange sounds and languages? And do you say things you’d rather nobody else ever heard? Hmm, not so easy to admit, is it? Apparently that’s a sign of mental illness, though not always. Anyway, here’s a warning for you.


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Word of the Week: Stymie

Putting on a golf green

I’ve been trying to be efficient this week. You know, tackle things straight away, before they start to become a burden. This morning, for example, I woke up all excited and keen to write Word of the Week because I had my word all ready to go: Vertigo.


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Word of the Week: Panel

solar panels

Following last week’s tribute to the late Andy Rourke of The Smiths, there’s an argument that this week’s word should be Turner, or maybe Tina. But I have to admit I’ve been preoccupied by my efforts to become energy self-sufficient. Dynamo though Tina was, and probably well capable of powering the average family home just with that voice, I’ve been looking at more mainstream options.


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