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When you buy space to publish sponsored content, the content you present is controlled by the publisher. If you don’t have the in-house resource to write what you want to write but in their style, you might end up having to pay a fortune to get them to write it for you. Or you could ask Balance.

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Wouldn’t you love to have an article about your business published right where all your audience are looking? With sponsored content you can. OK, so you have to pay for it, but as advertising goes, it works a treat.

Sponsored content – also known as advertorial – is basically advertising presented in the editorial style. Here’s one we wrote for Roborock, published in TechCrunch, the startup and technology news platform. It is written and designed in the same style as the native content in the publication, so readers trust it and engage with it more readily, without the scepticism that advertising engenders.

Because advertorials look like native content, publishers like to keep a tight grip on the style of writing and presentation. That means the article you write about your business has to look and read like it was written by them. And in many cases, that’s exactly what happens.

Publishers will offer to write your advertorials for you for a fee. A big one. If you don’t have your own writing resource who can meet their style requirements, it’s either pay up or don’t publish.

Balance solves this problem by providing you with your own content writing resource, which can produce your advertorials to style but charge less than the publisher would, thus making your sponsored content plans viable.

If you’ve got an opportunity to publish some sponsored content and need a writer, let us help you make the most of it.


“Good first start eh? We’ll definitely keep you in mind for future opportunities.”

Dan Cham, Roborock

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