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For a website to work for you, it must be well planned, well written and well designed. In that order. So start your project with website writing from Balance. We will help you hammer out exactly what you want your website to do and say.

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Our website writing service will help you put your plan and key messages in place, enabling you to brief designers, developers etc with much more clarity and thus get a better result, while saving time and money.

If you like, we can brief them on your behalf and manage the whole project. We can recommend a selection of good web design companies and we will work closely with them to ensure that the words and structure blend seamlessly together.

We also work with SEO experts to make sure your website is highly ranked by search engines and attracts the right kind of traffic. And, importantly, we will continue to monitor the performance of your site and make sure it is regularly updated with fresh content.

How to take the pain out of commissioning your website

Websites serve a variety of purposes, from a simple online business card to the mothership of all your marketing activity. Before embarking on anything creative, it’s important to be clear about what you want yours to do.

As with any piece of content, a website should begin with a written plan, detailing who the site is aimed at, what you want it to say and the purpose you want it to serve. An e-commerce website, for example, has a very different content structure to a blogger’s site. Take a look at a few and see for yourself.

Looking at other websites is always a good idea, especially the websites of your competitors. What works well? What doesn’t? But most importantly, what will help your website do what you want it to do?

Prioritise the user

It’s very tempting to focus on the way your website looks over look the way it works. Websites can be beautiful, dynamic, exciting things – dazzlingly so. But take, for example, the DVLA site for paying your road tax. It’s nothing fancy but it’s dead easy to use and it works a treat. If a site like that is what you need, you might want to tell your web designer before they go scouring the photo libraries for beautiful shots of cornfields.

This is where planning pays dividends… for everyone concerned. By putting sufficient time into the planning, you will save considerably more time in the execution. That’s not just an economic consideration (time = money), it’s a consideration for the quality of the resulting piece of work too. You will get the best out of your writers, designers, developers, optimisers etc if you can set them off with a clear, well thought out brief.

Drag out the project with endless rounds of revisions and changes to the brief and watch their creative juices drain away before your very eyes!

Test, test and test again

Once you’re happy with the way your site looks and reads, test it. Check it renders properly on all devices. Make sure all the links work. Make sure it loads quickly. Check that any forms come through to the right address. Don’t leave anything that could spoil the user experience.

Launching a new website can be a long, drawn out process – but it doesn’t have to be. Spend your time at the right time and the rest will fall smoothly into place.

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“Tim not only relieved me of the pressure of coming up with the copy for my website, he helped me to clarify exactly what I wanted to say about my business and services and then succeeded in putting that into words that I was very happy with. With Balance you get a high standard of writing, an intelligent grasp of your business, a relaxed, reassuring manner and an organised approach to getting the job done. Thoroughly recommended.”

Bridgit Winn-Taylor, Owner, Cercis Accounting (now also Russel & Co Bookkeepers)

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