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Content marketing is all about stimulating interest in your products or services by sharing aspects of your expertise for free, typically through blogs, videos, podcasts and social media. But who’s going to write all that stuff?

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Coming up with the content to keep a marketing campaign moving is a time-consuming challenge that has unsaddled many a business.

By outsourcing your content to Balance, you can rest assured that your marketing channels will be regularly refreshed with creative, effective content while you concentrate on running your business. Our content service is built on decades of editorial experience: planning, researching, creating and measuring content that works with specific audiences.

What makes effective content marketing?

How many blogs or social media sites have you come across that clearly started out with good intentions but haven’t seen a new post since the days when Brexit wasn’t even a word? It’s not a good look.

A content marketing campaign can backfire if, like most businesses, you lack the resources to sustain it. So before you start, make sure you know the scale of your endeavour and have the resources to deliver it.

Content Marketing Testimonial

“We’ve been working with Balance for many years now and really value the expertise and efficiency that they bring to our web projects.
“We find that jobs can stall when it comes to supplying ‘real’ content. With Balance involved the transition between the ‘visual’ and ‘real’ stages of projects is seamless. Balance facilitates content creation, knowing the questions to ask and presenting our clients’ information objectively and with relevance to their audience.
“Our clients have often expressed their appreciation of Balance’s involvement too – copywriting is no longer a sticking point, they are confident that their message will be crafted into a succinct piece of copy, relevant to their brand voice and audience.”

Simon Knibbs, Owner, Knibbs branding and web design

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