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“In my experience the best journalists are investigative, meticulous, thoughtful and articulate. They have a passion to discover the truth of a story and an ability to capture its essence in clear and compelling language. Tim is one of those all too rare journalists and writers.
“I worked with him for ten years in magazine publishing where he held a number of senior positions on Top Gear and as editor on Match of the Day. He has a great temperament and a cool head even when the opinions are conflicting, temperatures are rising and deadlines looming. He’s pragmatic yet uncompromising, has great integrity and a sharp and poignant wit.
“I’m delighted to say that we’ve since worked on a variety of new projects, from websites to TV show pitches, where his talents are as valid, sharp and appreciated as ever.”

Stuart Snaith, Director, Fotofit Productions (former MD BBC Video and 2entertain)


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