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Action Planning is a charity consultancy, based in Tadworth, Surrey. The company’s founder and Chairman David Saint has vast experience within the charity sector and, together with an extensive network of specialist associate consultants, is able to provide valuable advice and practical support, such as facilitated workshops and away days. Action Planning regularly helps charities of all sorts to carry out their work more effectively and efficiently.

The Brief

I was initially approached by web design agency Knibbs to rewrite Action Planning’s website, conveying the strength and depth of the consultancy’s services in succinct and accessible language. Having achieved this, I was asked by David Saint to work as his copywriter, taking care of the regularly case studies that arose from his work. This involved me contacting his clients and interviewing them, requesting images, writing the case study and liaising again with the client for copy approval, before sending the signed-off text and images to Knibbs for uploading on the website.


To date I have written 36 case studies in 18 months (you can do the maths), which is a reflection on the demand for Action Planning’s services and the efficacy of our system. David introduces me to the client by email, I take up the contact and return to David when the case study is written.


Case studies are good content for marketing purposes but they can take time and require a bit of persistence and tenacity. When outsourcing, you need to be able to trust your copywriter to present a good impression to your clients and to understand the nature of your business and the work you have carried out. The Balance approach is time-saving, cost-effective and trustworthy.

Client testimonial

“For years we struggled and failed to write up case studies on our projects – somehow we never had the time. The system we now have in place with Tim is efficient and effortless, ensuring a constant supply of up-to-date stories. Tim is not only efficient – he quickly grasps the essence of what is often a complex situation, boils it down to a few simple but compelling paragraphs, then charms a (usually complimentary!) quote out of the client. It’s a great service!”
David Saint, Founder and Chairman, Action Planning

Action Planning website
Action Planning's impressively populated case studies page

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