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We can help you fill your tables, beds and function rooms by keeping your marketing fresh and current.

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Hotel and restaurant owners in Surrey and the South-East can benefit from our experience with some of the world’s leading hospitality brands. The Balance hospitality portfolio includes major content services for Raffles Hotels, Taj Hotels, Restaurant Magazine, Berry Bros. & Rudd and The World Restaurant Awards, as well as marketing work for independent hotels and restaurants in Surrey and the South-East.

Our approach to hotel and restaurant marketing ensures cost-effectiveness and quality, so you can make your budget go further. We will work with you to define what you want your restaurant or hotel to stand for, what will bring customers in and how to reach those customers.

Make Balance your marketing partner and we will take care of all your regular requirements, such as menus, wedding brochures and social media, for a fixed monthly price. We will also create and deliver marketing campaigns to raise the profile of your hotel or restaurant and bring in new customers.

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“We’ve been working with Balance for many years now and really value the expertise and efficiency that they bring to our web projects.
“We find that jobs can stall when it comes to supplying ‘real’ content. With Balance involved the transition between the ‘visual’ and ‘real’ stages of projects is seamless. Balance facilitates content creation, knowing the questions to ask and presenting our clients’ information objectively and with relevance to their audience.
“Our clients have often expressed their appreciation of Balance’s involvement too – copywriting is no longer a sticking point, they are confident that their message will be crafted into a succinct piece of copy, relevant to their brand voice and audience.”

Simon Knibbs, Owner, Knibbs branding and web design


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